So … you only have one day in the city that never sleeps? No worries. Follow me through to a nonstop day of sunrises, hikes, sunsets, and nightlife through Barcelona. Be prepared to be tired by the end but I can guarantee it will be worth your time. Let’s go!


6:30 A.M

GET UP! Yes, no one loves an early wakeup call but this one will be more than worth it. One of the best viewpoints to take in the entirety of Barcelona’s entire city of Barcelona is atop the Bunkers el Carmel. Take the L4 Metro line to the Alfons X stop. From there it’s a 20-minute walk through the quiet town and up some stairs. To make sure you get to where you’re trying to go I’d use any kind of GPS.



Yes, the inside of the church is that high


From here we’re going back down the way we came up, but this time we’re going to take the L4 to the Joanic Metro Stop. The next stop: Sagrada Familia. Gaudi’s masterpiece will be sure to take your breath away. To get here is a 10-15 minute walk from the Joanic. On the walk there, try to find a local cafe to eat breakfast before the Church. If you’re travelling on Sunday, you can try to go to the international mass. It’s free entry but you need to arrive an hour beforehand to get a seat. Mass is usually either 9 or 10 in the morning. If you’d rather buy a tour through Sacred tickets usually cost around 15 euros but be sure to purchase your ticket the day before to ensure availability.



This photo is from my hike in November, one of my favorite experiences in Spain so far


After you’ve spent time at the church we’re hopping on the metro again, this time we’re actually going to head outside of Barcelona to the mountain region of Montserrat. The cliffs and open spaces of Montserrat will open your eyes to the beauty of the mountains of Spain and allow you to escape the craziness of Barcelona.

To get there take the R5 line from Placa España towards Manresa. Get off at “Aeri Monserrat” and you’ll take the cable car ride up. This is an amazing experience as the terrain around you become more visible as you climb up the face of the mountain. For those who are averse to heights, you can take a train up as well. Once at the top, explore the monastery, walk through the town, and I would highly recommend going on the Sant Jordini hike. It’s about 2 hours and provides breathtaking views of the Spanish countryside.


Take the R5 back to Barca at which point you’ll get there around 5 or so, given your timing and how long you were at Monsterrat. After this, the day’s all yours. Explore the city at night, find a local bar, club, or restaurant and enjoy your night in Barcelona. You’re going to be tired but do not crash back at your hotel! Stay out and make the most of your night in Barcelona.

I hope these tips help and will see you all soon. Goodbye!