Discovering Liceu

Hello everyone! After our previous post blog of  rooms, today we present you Liceu! We hope you like it😊 Liceu is one of our suite rooms, undoubtedly one of the most [...]

Discovering Born

Hello everyone! After our blog post of Canaletes room, today we present Born!   Born in one of our superior double rooms, full of light during the day and very [...]

Discovering Canaletes

Hello everyone!   Today we go into the hotel and present one of our rooms, Canaletes! We hope you like it as much as we do. Canaletes is one of our double [...]

Maria’s Barcelona Tips

Hello everyone! The last person who revealed her favourite places in Barcelona was my collegue Vanesa, and today we discover the three essentials in the city from [...]

24 Hours in Barcelona

So, you only have one day in the city that never sleeps? No worries. Follow me through a day of sunrises, hikes, sunsets, and nightlife through Barcelona. Be [...]