“Festa Major” de Gracia

Hola! This week’s blog post will be about the eagerly anticipated festival called Festa Major de Gracia. This annual event attracts people full of excitement from [...]

Discover Montjuïc!

Hello everyone! This weeks blog post will continue to explore more rooms. Montjuïc is our charming two bedroom room, well known for its art and size. There are two [...]

Discover Eixample!

As we continue our discover rooms series, Eixample is next on the list. This is one of our deluxe double rooms that comes with a private bedroom, bathroom, and snug [...]

Sant Joan: A Traditional Holiday

This week will be about the famous holiday Saint John (Sant Joan) here in Barcelona, Sant Joan is a traditional holiday on June 24th every year. This celebration is [...]

Discovering Liceu

Hello everyone! After our previous post blog of  rooms, today we present you Liceu! We hope you like it? Liceu is one of our suite rooms, undoubtedly one of the most [...]

Discovering Born

Hello everyone! After our blog post of Canaletes room, today we present Born!   Born in one of our superior double rooms, full of light during the day and very [...]

Discovering Canaletes

Hello everyone!   Today we go into the hotel and present one of our rooms, Canaletes! We hope you like it as much as we do. Canaletes is one of our double [...]

Maria’s Barcelona Tips

Hello everyone! The last person who revealed her favourite places in Barcelona was my collegue Vanesa, and today we discover the three essentials in the city from [...]

24 Hours in Barcelona

So, you only have one day in the city that never sleeps? No worries. Follow me through a day of sunrises, hikes, sunsets, and nightlife through Barcelona. Be [...]

Vanesa’s Barcelona Tips

Hola a tod@s, Last post I shared with you my favorite places to go to in Barcelona. This week, one of my coworkers, Vanesa, will share with you her favorite places [...]

Say Hi to Jack

Hola! My name’s Jack Ragnoni and as the new social media intern for Ca La Maria, I’ll be writing and posting on the blog for the next couple of months. I’m extremely [...]

Las Mermeladas de Maria

What is promised is debt, and in Ca la Maria we keep our word. In our last Instagram post we told you that Maria would reveal her recipe to make the best seasonal [...]

Tió de Nadal

In our last post we talked about “la castanyada”, a Catalan tradition which we celebrate for Halloween. This time we would like to talk about the “Caga tió”, a [...]

Honest Bar / Food Bank

From Ca la Maria boutique hotel, and with the help of all our guests, we collaborate with the Barcelona Food Bank. When we decided to put a Honest Bar in our bed and [...]