Boutique Hotel: a new window through accommodation

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In Spain the term Boutique Hotel is still not sufficiently established  and there is  many people who have not even heard about this word. However, gradually the number of boutique hotels is expanding in our country, so it is likely to be familiar with this term that is reaching more  weight in the elitist world of hospitality.

The term boutique hotel is applied to a type of establishing   that works in a similar way to a hotel, but nevertheless has its own idiosyncrasies that affect both aspects: the building structure and he service rendered to customers

he main aim of a  boutique hotel, and what really makes it different, is that this type of hotel offers a personalized service, tailored to the client 24 hours a day throughout the week. That is the reason why  Boutique Hotel do not usually have too many rooms, in rare cases exceeds hundred rooms, and often, much less. However it is important not to forget that  theses spaces are  special units, individualized, different from each other and often decorated on a thematic basis.

Boutique hotels are properties of high quality, so obviously it will be a luxury accommodation. But we’re not talking about standardized luxury offered by major hotel chains ,  It is like a  sophisticated and intimate quality that makes guests feel part of this place

Boutique Hotel are located at historic buildings where the architectural significance have been modified, but and at the same time maintaining respect for the heritage, thereby giving personality to the hotel.

Boutique Hotel combines the historic patrimonies and avant-garde design and is quite normal to find activities related to art: live concerts, painting exhibitions, screenings

We can see a perfect example of all this in Boutique Hotel in Barcelona, Ca Maria. This place was built during the 20s and nowadays, after a sensitive restoration, retains original flooring and ceilings. The Barcelona boutique hotel Ca Maria, has also an exquisite setting where the protagonist is  art, finding pieces of modern art throughout the hotel, all located in one of the best and most charismatic places in Barcelona: La Rambla Catalunya

If we go back to the beginnings of the boutique hotel concept, this seems to be born in the eighties in United States, more specifically in New York, We are talking about the  Morgans, which is consider the first  Boutique Hotel of the story

Today, We can find Boutique Hotels for the most discerning clients in all major tourist countries in the world: Boutique Hotel in Barcelona, Boutique Hotel in Paris, Boutique Hotel in Italy, expanding and growing at their own pace, because the idea of ​​uniqueness is part of Its personality.