Discover Montjuïc!

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Hello everyone!

This weeks blog post will continue to explore more rooms.

Montjuïc is our charming two bedroom room, well known for its art and size. There are two double big beds, which can be make into twins, perfect for families visiting the city or vacations with up to four people. Modern elements bring the room together to complete a very clean look. The bathroom is so spacious it should be a separate room of itself! With two sinks and a giant shower, there is enough room for everybody. Also, we cannot forget to mention the private balcony! The room gets it name from Montjuïc castle located on top of a hill in Barcelona.

Throughout the entire suite you will find an abundance of art. In the common area of this two bedroom suite, is an art piece by Spencer Tunick called Barcelona (Institut de cultura), 2003. Tunick’s art is focused on bringing out tensions between conflicting social issues, such as the battle between public and private or tolerated and banned. In one private bedroom you will find photographs of the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) by Ana Prada. Also, in the other private bedroom there art photographs by Jean Marc Bustamante. This artist uses urban landscapes to portray the idea of a moment in time where something has happened or something will happen. Lastly, the door to the bathroom is covered with an art piece by Daniel Canagar who is known for his work with the human body to create art with the purpose of making people fully engaged.

With two spacious rooms, a big living room, three balconies, and a big bathroom, Ca La Maria’s Montjuïc room is the place for you. Hope to see you soon!