Enjoy the best breakfast in a hotel boutique

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One of the greatest pleasures of travelling and to be accommodated in a hotel is starting the day with an amazing breakfast. This feeling can be much better if we have elected a hotel boutique because these are child-friendly spaces and are often situated in symbolic areas where every detail is considered in order to give you the best possible service.

Thus, in these places, as in the case of hotel boutique in Barcelona Ca la Maria,  breakfast time turn into the optimal moment of the day. This is achieved through preparing breakfast with as many details as possible, picking up high-quality fresh and value-added food products. To this, should be added that hotel boutique in Barcelona Ca la Maria cooks its own confectionery: pastries, soft drinks, homemade cakes….

To Hotel Boutique in Barcelona Ca la Maria, the main goal and desire is provide to their customers with a wide variety of products in order to have a healthy breakfast without give up the delicate and amazing tastes of Mediterranean food.

To all this must be added the fact that the hotel boutique in Barcelona Ca la María is characterized for a family, friendly and cordial environment,  especially in the place where we have our breakfast: a sunny and silence terrace where relax and wellbeing are the best way to start the day with energy and good vibes.

As you can see, the gastronomical supply for breakfast in a hotel boutique, is one of the primary reasons to opt for these places in your holidays.

So, If you are not yet familiar with Barcelona city or you would like to repeat the experience… what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us and you will enjoy the finest in accommodation and service in our hotel boutique in Barcelona Ca la Maria while enjoying the best city in the world.