Our top 3 Gelato around Barcelona

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Hola! This week’s blog will be all about the best gelato places across Barcelona, recommended by Maria. My name is Rialee and I am an intern here at Ca La Maria. When I first got here, I was asking about all sorts of recommendations. From places to visit, museums to see, bars to go to, and who can forget, where the best gelato is! So I grabbed my roommates and Maria’s suggestions, and did a gelato tour. Below are a few places I visited to search for the best of the best and then ranked by my personal favorite.


#3: Gelaaati! Di Marco

Located in the gothic quarter, I knew this place was going to be good. It is owned by Marco Di Consiglio who was born into a family of Italian gelato makers. Walking in, the first thing you notice are the many flavors of gelato this place serves. From crema de Catalunya to tiramisu to chai tea, there is a flavor for everyone. Since I like fruity flavors more than chocolate flavors, I decided to go for the amarena which translated from Italian means black cherry. This flavor… was… so so so good. I personally love black cheery flavor, so I could be biased, but I have never tasted this flavor so fresh. You could really tell they just bought the cherries, and Marco just simmered them to create this beautiful cherry sauce. I definitely have higher standards now for black cherry flavors when I got home to America.


#2: De la Crem

This place is about a 20-minute walk from my apartment, a perfect distance to feel like I earned a nice cup of gelato by the time I get there. Walking in you notice it is a smaller place inside, but they do have a terrace that is beautiful. I was excited to dive right in because I read that they use very little sugar in their recipes, which is very different from America. I wanted a flavor that felt fresh, so I decided to get classic strawberry. This flavor tastes like heaven. I would say the strawberry flavor kicked me in the face actually.  You could tell they make their products homemade because the flavor was so pure, unlike processed strawberry flavor. Then the cone was the perfect finisher to this gelato experience. It was perfectly crunchy and thin, I can confidently guess they also make their cones homemade.


#1: Paral●lelo:

This was the first place I tried, and still my favorite. A nice perk about this place is that it is only three blocks from my apartment (which is also dangerous because I want to eat it all the time). When I walked in I saw a giant board with all their flavors, and a very modern atmosphere. Looking past the flavors you can see a wall of glass and behind it, their very own little laboratory where they are creating the amazing flavors. After many minutes of deciding which flavors to get, I decided to get the pistachio flavor and the pineapple + basil flavor. These flavors were AMAZING. The pistachio was so fresh you could taste it with every bite. As for the pineapple + basil, the freshness of fruit mixed with the freshness of fresh herb is genius. These ice cream chemists know what they are doing.

I hope you enjoyed my gelato tour around Barcelona. I can guarantee that you will be happy with any of these amazing places. Happy eating and thank you for reading!