Have you seen the amazing interview from Ca la Maria? There you go…

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In this interview you will get to know the story of Maria and how this Catalan architect runs and owns this unique hotel boutique in Barcelona.

All this adventure begins when Maria decided to turn her family apartments in a high style hotel:  “It was a great project for me because it was an excellent match with my culinary skills and my aim to meet people”.

Maria is also a wonderful and expert chef; she cooks every day trying to make different ones every time:.” I enjoy creating and testing, I make all kinds of omelets, marmalades with cinnamon, fig, banana, apple, ginger, quince, etc…”

We asked her which are the main  reason to choose this hotel boutique in Barcelona: “the comfort of the rooms which comes with the delightful breakfast, the peace of the place; although it is in the center of Barcelona and the terrace, nothing like spending some time there”

She is delighted when she talks about Barcelona: “I love its architecture…The gastronomic offer is amazing. And we have a fantastic weather. I love the fact that on the 31st of December we were having breakfast in the terrace!!

Maria said that: “our top priority is that costumer having an incredible memory from Ca la Maria, and remember it when they think about they trip to Barcelona”.

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