Hotel Boutique, feel at home

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An Hotel Boutique is for those people who love the art of traveling and enjoy new destinations without sacrificing comfort of feeling at home. These kind of people are always searching places where there is provide personalized and retail in the service. In the face of this rising demand has emerged the concept of hotel boutique in Barcelona (and other cities). All this cities where tourism are in a constantly  increasing.

The special feature of these establishments are the perfect union between a first class hotel and a private and intimate atmosphere  where the costumer  is considered a guest. Therefore, the people who work in a boutique hotel are always looking forward to anticipate to the guest requests. This personal service is possible due to the few numbers of roomsl in this kind of hotels.

The hotel boutique in Barcelona is also characterized by ancient buildings or emblematic town houses that have been remodeled while maintaining its architectural harmony with their environment. The decor is defined by elegance and an eclectic sense. The classic style is combined with modern style giving rise a places  with a unique  decoration.

Thus, these kind of places  are an ideal choice if you want to discover the old city as if you were in your own home. You can even imagine the feeling of Back to the comfort of  your hotel after a long day of touring the be house.

Summarizing, a Hotel Boutique is a small hotel built up on an emblematic building with a personalized service to ensure a high quality.