Boutique hotel: location and history.

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Hotel Boutique are situated in adaptive re-use of buildings that previously housed other purposes. There are several reasons for This:

First of all, a boutique hotel should be generally in central locations, In urban areas easily accessible. This is because these buildings often are in prime locations. This can be especially true when the structure was built in the 19th or early 20th century. This is the case of Ca La Maria,  boutique hotel in Barcelona, located in Eixample in a 1920′s building

Second, many of these buildings usually have unique stylistic design qualities due in part to its historical context and the resulting use a specific  materials. All such elements have a distinctive aesthetic based on the age, history, and place of the building. Both the location and the stylistic look contribute to a unique character for a hotel boutique that simply cannot be easily replicated in new construction.

The design of the hotel boutique in an adaptive re-use should come from the intersection of the desired guest experience and the existing character. As long as a building has a good structure,  there is an opportunity for creative solutions to architectural challenges that result in doing things that one would not typically do in the course of designing a new building.

For this reason, hotels boutiques should be considered on the leading edge of design innovation, that is one of the biggest attractions to the guests.