Hotel Boutique: the perfect match between luxury and comfort.

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what exactly is a Hotel Boutique? It could be defined as a hybrid between a luxury hotel and a private house where we can find the best of both places. Usually, a Hotel Boutique is a small family establishment with a capacity between four and ten rooms, instead of 50 or 100 as in most of hotels.

One of the major characteristics of these places is that the owner live and interact with the traveller as if they were their own guests.

A Hotel Boutique has some kinds of luxurious touches, as in their top-quality hotels. For example: delicious chocolates under the pillows, modern amenities  and beauty care products to the Jacuzzi.

And of course, a wonderful breakfast cooked in a traditional way where we can find a big variety of food products. Breakfast is usually included in the accommodation price and can be served at the garden level, in a charming room or, if you like, in your own room.

Lately, these places are growing in popularity in Spain, particularly in the most important tourist destinations of Spain. Nevertheless, as we know, Hotel Boutique are very popular in Europe for a quite long time.

I would like to hereby invite you to visit one of the best Spanish cities where we can find the highest quality Bed and Breakfast: Barcelona.

So don’t waste anymore time thinking about what would be the Best place to stay in Barcelona.

Stay in a Hotel Boutique in Barcelona to have an unforgettable experience between luxury and comfort.