Hotel boutique Semiramis, an amazing place to have your holidays.

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Hotel Boutique in Barcelona Ca la Maria likes to show  interesting places around the world which help you preparing your future trips by proposing uniques destinations.

We would like to share with you the wonderful Semiramis Hotel Boutique in Athens, a place where you will see a new concept of Hotel Boutique: colored lobby filled with beautiful people, the omnipresent pop art and the pastel swimming pool area filled with the scent of suntan lotion.

The first thing to note is the design. It’s an incessant profusion of pink, pastels and plastic that permeate nearly everything around this Hotel Boutique. Some guests love the high design, but others find it exhausting.

Then there’s the vibrations. It’s chic, superficial and wholly unrelated to Greek. That makes the Semiramis a welcome to those who look a place to take a break from Athens but, on the other hand It will also disappoint those wanting a Greek cultural experience.

Also, If you do stay at the Semiramis you’ll find all the amenities first class: Rooms feature flat screen televisions, free wifi and from a menu of pillows to choose to a modern gym.

It’s located in Kifisia, a residential and quiet area of central Athens. This site is rather far from most of the main tourist attractions in Athens.

So, Are you ready to visit this wonderfull and extrem place?

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