Las Mermeladas de Maria

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What is promised is debt, and in Ca la Maria we keep our word.

In our last Instagram post we told you that Maria would reveal her recipe to make the best seasonal homemade jams. This sweet fruit based is an essential ingredient for any balanced breakfast!

So if you want to impress your guests do not miss the following,


  • 1kg of our favorite seasonal fruit. You can mix it as you like.
  • 500gr of brown sugar.
  • Juice of half a lemon, we use organic lemons from our garden.
  • We can add your favourite spieces, such as cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, cloves, etc.
  • Tons of tenderness at lower heat! ?


  1. We always wash the fruit.
  2. We can peel the fruit, although in cases like orange, plum or peach we can leave some skin to give it a more personal touch.
  3. Cut the pieces into a pot suitable for the fire, add the sugar and the lemon juice.
  4. Finally we add the spices that we want and we boil all the ingredients. To lower the heat to a minimum for about 30 minutes.
  5. Remove from heat to crush it to taste. In case of not wanting to crush, we recommend cutting the fruit in regular portions so that it looks nice and uniform.
  6. We recommend packing our sweet nectar in small bottles of glass in a bain-marie.



This is a small luxury to enjoy or to give as a present, a sweet and natural detail!

If you have any suggestions about it or want to share with us and the community your best recipe or your infallible trick, you can do it in our Instagram, Facebook or email account.

It is always a pleasure!