What really makes a boutique hotel different?

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There are many people who don’t understand what is the main different between a luxury hotel and a boutique hotel ?

From our point of view, the real different is in the essence that surrounds these places.

First of all, boutique hotels boutique are different because they are designed to create a specifically unique experience, usually for a highly targeted audience. Hotel owners have an opportunity to identify the type of guest they want to attract and do what those guests really want from their hospitality experience. For example, a boutique hotel in Barcelona could be created for people who are followers of modern art.

The best way to achieve this is by adjusting the space in which the guest stay, sleep, relax or work with their style in mind, emphasizing amenities and features that matter to them.

Basically, these places are intended for guests who want to feel like they are part of that group. There are a variety of design materials, colors, sounds, aromas and lighting options that can be used to emphasize the hotel’s character and make the hotel environment memorable.